Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In Atlanta for F/A R/T

Well everyone, I'm here in Atlanta for flight attendant recurrent training. As you all know, or may not know our company, World Airways recently got bought out by Global Logistics the company that owns ATA, so this next 6 months to a year ought to be interesting. Rumors are fishing for furlough notices in the near uncertain future, as well as other changes. But as you all know, change is usually a good thing for all of us, even when it seems the least comfortable. God willing, this will be a good thing.

IN addition, I've decided to start pushing a new wedding photography special for the new year, $499 includes 4 hours of wedding or event photography, with your photos in high quality digital online album with free access to printing at discounted costs, so tell all your friends that are getting married, that I'm looking to win a few new customers, especially ones that are outside of the Northwest where I am based, as I am looking to expand my borders and horizons. I'm hoping to develop a stronger international group of clients that will vie for my services cross-culturally and trans-dimensionally. As you know I only charge travel fees on top of this at a discounted travel agent preferred rate across the board plus transportation and hotel expenses, also at a reduced rate due to my flight attendant discount.

For availability, please check out our website at www.apinc.biz. Galleries, other packages and mission statements are also located there. Thanks. Over and out for now, Daniel.

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