Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Portland Timbers vs. Puerto Rican Islanders

Well, I was home for the weekend, went to my first Portland Timbers game. Having grown up in Africa and playing soccer for 12 years, I was naturally excited to watch my first live soccer game in years. I took my Nikon D1X camera of course and an 18-200 mm zoom lens. It was kind of last minute - I met one of the Puerto Rican Islanders on my flight from Atlanta to Portland the day before the big game and he invited me, offered to hook me up with free tickets, which didn't happen, but the ticket attendant gave me front row seats for free anyways on the basis of my request!

The game was awesome, but I was disappointed the Islanders lost 1 vs Portland 3. Obviously there is a huge crowd appeal for the Timbers - you're almost scalped if you cheer for the islanders in this crowd. Meanwhile a public spokesperson went from crowd to crowd brandishing a large chainsaw and raising choruses and chants for the Timbers which was very exciting. The crowd stomped their feet and clapped with loud organized drills that made military work of the Timber's anthem and themes.

I think next time, I'll cheer for the Timbers, great game and great teamwork - would love to take a monopod and a 500mm zoom lens to get up close and personal next time around. The action was awesome.


Peter said...

Be sure to visit Soccer City USA Message Board to learn more about the lunatics making all the noise. Go Timbers!!! Rose City Till I Die!!!

Muddy said...

Oh and next home game is an exhibition vs Mexican team Necaxa on Wed May 9th and then the can't miss rivalry game vs Seattle on Fri May 11th