Saturday, June 2, 2007

Two Week Turkey Adventure

Adana Turkey to Istanbul
10:06 Friday
Turkish Airlines, Seat 12A

The culmination of an exciting 15 day stretch in Turkey. Aside from 7 long 14 hour days at the "office" - ADA-F turns, I had several 30 and (1) 60 hour layover.

I explored 3 locations of interest: Mersin, Antakya and Cappadocia.

Antakya - St. Pierre Church in the rock, high mountains, beautiful town, nice people, great bazaars, looks like a town in the swiss alps; 3 hour drive each way. Jett Bus from Adana $50 USD round trip.

Cappadocia - 4.5 hour bus ride each way, $46 USD round trip Nefsehir Coach Bus
$15 - $25 Per person double occupancy Hotel at the Mephisto Voyage includes Breakfast. Amazing Cave Cities built thousands of years ago.
Lunar-Like landscape, rugged topography mixed with occasional green spots where farming is prevalent. 60KM from the Syrian border. Ideal to spend 3 days. Inexpensive $1/hr high speed internet access.

World Breakfast Club team:
John F., Arlene O., Tim and Sylvia, Katarina M.

Armed with my new D200 camera and fixed 50mm lens, I made plans for the team to leave at 8am for the bus station. Tickets at 9am - bus left at 11am, arrived 15:30. TAxi to beautiful waterfall restaurant - lunch total for 6: $24USD.
17:15 - Local bus 15 km to derden, one of the 3 cave towns, 3 km hike to cave museum with multiple cave huts to explore.
19:15 - Rode with new friend Mustafa to watch sunset on the rim of a canyon cliff overlooking the lunar-like landscape
20:30 Dinner with an amazing restaurant
22:30 Mephisto Voyage Inn
04:30 Woke by morning prayer call and accompanying howling dogs
06:30 Coffe and internet $2USD
07:30 Breakfast and motorcycle ride
09:30 Return to Adana
14:00 Arrived at Adana Hilton

30 hours total

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