Sunday, September 2, 2007

Mission Trip to Uganda in July

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As a member of a 24 person team from our church: I was blessed with an inexpensive ticket over from my airline: to Entebbe, Uganda, Africa. For those of you unfamiliar with its exact location, it is in Central Africa near Kenya and bordering the Democratic Republic of the Congo; where I grew up for 18 years of missionary parents. My parents were able to wire a friend of mine some western union funds so he could ride the bus 2 days to come and visit me in Entebbe.

We had a three-fold purpose on our mission trip: to help our sister Church: Reaching Unto Nations Bible Church in Entebbe complete its church dedication, help motivate and teach at the Women's Conference and also an East AFrican pastor's Conference. The pastor's Conference took place at Bwerenga, a piece of property that has been purchased by the church that is on the lake. Part of it has been developed into a sort of Pastor's university for teaching and graduating students in the languages of Uganda and English and the other part is being developed into an orphanage. The primary developers are Royce and Elizabeth Iverson, whose family is over there for the next couple of years until its completion. Stay tuned for further photos from our mission trip at

The place we called home base while in Uganda was a unique village of modern huts called Banana Village. There was cold water for showers in the morning, limited electricity, monkeys and roosters crowing to wake us up.

During the course of our experience, we did have one small adventure to the Source of the Nile, photos are at There we prayed together for Africa, believing that spiritually Uganda is prepared for a spiritual revival as well as the rest of Africa.

In addition, we had a children's festival and invited over 600 children from the slums around the RUN Bible Church and 150 of them joined the church and made a public confession of faith.

We also visited two major orphanages in Entebbe, Uganda. One of the largest is which is a Christian-owned and organized operation that has about 2000 children at present. Their moto which is moving is "raising the future leaders of Africa" from the abandoned, widowed and Aid's refugee children of Africa's past. They have a program that works very well and also there is strict guidelines regarding adoptions and even all the volunteers that work in conjunction with their orphan ministry.

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